Day 374: Getting Ready for Easter

Rachel, Day by Day

It’s been a great day! My mom and I got pedicures this morning, which felt really nice and relaxing. My toenails are a darkish pink. Then, we did some shopping and came back to the house. For the first photo, my mom made this bunny-shaped rice krispie treat! Isn’t it cute? I was going to help her, but I was still asleep. We made something like this last year, but it was a cake instead of a rice krispie treat. Yum! It’s too cute to eat, though! At least I have a photo of it now. For the second photo, you’ll see that we colored Easter eggs! I like how the colors turned out, but I don’t know how you get rid of those streaks on the eggs. Anyone know? We made martinis while coloring Easter eggs. My mom found a recipe for a Bellini Martini. The ingredients consist of champagne, vodka, and peach schnapps. I think there was a bit too much vodka for my taste, and my mom agreed. Maybe we’ll try it next time with a bit less alcohol! It was a fun day, though.

For dinner, I made tilapia for my mom and grandpa. They both really liked it. I hope they weren’t just saying that! Yay for fun family days.

So, for all you hockey fans out there, the Blackhawks won last night, which means they are down in the series 3-2 out of 7. They beat the Canucks by a lot; it ended up being 5-0. It was great! My brother and uncle are going to the game on Sunday, so I hope they bring home a win! It’s been an exciting series. I hope they can continue the winning streak.

Happy Friday. 🙂

Thing that made me happy today: Spending time with my family.


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