Day 378: Frittata!

Rachel, Day by Day

Hello! Guess what I did? I made some food! These are called mini vegetable frittatas. They are supposed to be a breakfast food, and I rarely eat breakfast, so this will be good for me! Except, I just ate a few for dinner. These are basically a mixture of eggs, milk, tomato, goat cheese, broccoli, and salt and pepper to taste. You then spoon the mixture in a muffin tin and bake it for 15 minutes. It’s quick and easy! And I do think they are delicious. It’s like a mini omelet! I picked the wrong day to bake, though; my kitchen is really hot right now! Anyway, the moral of the story is that they are yummy.

On Sunday, I watched 60 minutes with Obama’s interview and Amazing Race. I thought the interview was interesting and he answered all of the questions very well. He gained points in my book recently. He pretty much answered all of my questions about Bin Laden, like what was the plan to kill him? How did he find out? Why did they decide to bury him at sea? What do we do now? If you didn’t watch it, try finding it on the Internet.

As for Amazing Race, it was the season finale. I’m still sad the cowboys didn’t make it farther, but I’ll get over it someday. I kind of wanted Gary and Mallory to win, but they ended up getting a taxi driver who didn’t know where he was going. That would be frustrating. For one of the challenges, they had to get parts of their bodies waxed for 15 minutes. Ouch! Zev and Justin had a ton of hair and it looked so painful for them!! Poor guys. The sisters beat out the Globetrotters, but it was a close one! The Globetrotters did make me laugh a lot throughout this race. Good times! And I love the host, Phil. He seems like a really nice guy. I hope I can be friends with him someday. Now what will I do on Sundays until the fall? Well, I’ll figure something out!

So, I actually bet on a horse for the Kentucky Derby this past Saturday. I picked Pants on Fire because I instantly loved that name. My horsie lost, though. Maybe I’ll bet again next year. It makes the race more interesting!

Yay for warmer weather! But, boo for humidity and no real spring weather. I wouldn’t mind 70s for a little while. Come on, weather! Get better for me!

Thing that made me happy today: Eating lunch outside in the sunny weather.


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