Day 379: Famous Dave’s Pig

Rachel, Day by Day

I had a nice weekend! Don’t weekends go by too fast? It’s all a blur in my head now. Sometimes I wonder if two days off is enough; maybe we should have 2 days off one week, then 3 days off, then 2 days off, and so on. Ok, I’ll stop rambling. On Friday, I went to Famous Dave’s BBQ with Scott. Mmmm, have I told you how much I like BBQ? It’s delicious. I tried almost all of their different sauces, and they were all good. Even the spicy one! There used to be one near my apartment, but it closed a while ago. I’m a little sad now; I could have gone there more often! We were planning on mini-golfing after dinner, but the weather was rainy and cold all weekend, so that didn’t happen. We also planned on playing tennis at some point over the weekend, but that didn’t happen, either. Thanks a lot, stupid weather. I hope you get better soon! Anyway, about the photo! This pig is inside Famous Dave’s as you walk in. I didn’t really understand why it was there at first since the name has nothing to do with a pig. But, then I saw a sign that said Eat like a pig. It makes sense now. It’s a cute pig! I wanted to take my picture with him or her, but I didn’t really want to look like a tourist. I should have done it; oh well.

Scott and I watched the movie Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock. I feel like I’ve been missing out on all of these Hitchcock movies! He’s awesome. I love how his movies aren’t completely filled with blood; he knows how to create mystery and suspense. Jimmy Stewart was great in this movie. He basically sees some creepy and strange things going on in the building across from him. I like watching how he figures everything out. I wish I could have met Alfred Hitchcock!

I’m getting excited for this summer! I get to go to so many awesome places. And you’ll definitely hear about all of them when I return from these places!


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