Day 386: Flamingo Ladies

Rachel, Day by Day

Well, Friday was our last full day in Vegas. Sad! It was another good one, though. I spent the morning at the pool again… had to get as much sun as I could! I already miss the pool. Scott and I walked around a few more hotels then. It’s crazy how different each hotel is and how neat they are inside. All of us went to Margaritaville for a late lunch/early dinner. It was a really good restaurant! I don’t know that many Jimmy Buffet songs, but I got to hear more and I like them! I might have to educate myself on his music.

So, want to hear about this photo? Outside the Flamingo hotel, these flamingo ladies stood there taking photos with visitors. They took tips too, like the other impersonators. I really do wonder how heavy their flamingo hats are, and if they are actually comfortable. I guess they are lucky that they don’t have to wear heavy clothing outside in the heat. Anyway, here’s Ray in the photo with the flamingo ladies! He looks happy. Scott got his photo taken with the girls, too. I was tempted, but instead got in a photo with Mario and Luigi. Good times!

Later on that night, we all went to a bar with Dueling Pianos. It was awesome!! We sat and had drinks while listening to and singing along with the piano players. They were great at singing and playing the piano. I requested some Lady Gaga, which they nicely played for me. They were cracking some good jokes, too. We were there for a while and it was entertaining the entire time. It was a great end to our vacation.

I’m sad that the vacation is over. And I’m pretty tired. But, there’s a lot to look forward to this summer. 🙂


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