Day 390: Yellow Flowers

Rachel, Day by Day

Hello! If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you’ll know that I love taking pictures of flowers. These pretty yellow ones are near work, so I see them every day and have wanted to take a photo. I finally took a picture of them this morning. Yay! Aren’t they pretty? There’s something about the colors yellow and green together; I love it. What kind of flowers are these? Does anyone know? I honestly don’t know much about flowers, but I can tell you they are pretty. I have yet to find a flower where I thought, “Eww, that’s the ugliest flower I’ve ever seen!” Good times. Yay flowers.

I made some cookies yesterday and they were delicious! Click here for the recipe. They are actually low carb cookies, but they still tasted amazing. Scott and I ate the rest of them, so sorry I can’t share any with you. The secret is that there are actually no almonds in the cookies, but there’s almond extract. Ha, I got you! Mmmm, but the cookies reminded me of those almond cookies at Chinese restaurants. Scott says they are better than the ones at Chinese restaurants. They are really easy to make, so I can make them again for you if you’d like. Just let me know. Yes, you. You reading this.

I’m really really really really really tired of hearing about Arnold Schwarzenegger and his personal problems. Why can’t we just leave him, his wife (soon to be ex), and his family alone? I see headlines to articles about him, but I don’t read them. I just roll my eyes. We need something better to talk about in the news. Oh, speaking of something better in the news, I just saw a yahoo article about how Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris aren’t getting married anymore. He’s 85 and she’s 25. There are so many negative things I could say about this, but I’ll make this a shorter post.

I’ve been playing more tennis lately and it’s been great! I’ll never get tired of this sport, and it’s one of the few ways I get some exercise. I feel like I’m improving a bit, too. Let’s keep playing, tennis friends! Anyone else want to play, too? Let me know!

I had a guitar lesson today and it was awesome. I’m learning two news songs: Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri and Paparazzi by Lady Gaga. I love these songs! I definitely play them slower than normal, but you can tell what songs they are! I’ll play them for you if you want. Maybe I’ll have a little concert at my apartment. I’ll make it fancy with some wine and cheese. Maybe some caviar and brie, too. We’ll see. Anyway, my point was that I’m having a lot of fun with my guitar lessons.

Thing that made me happy today: Too many things to list. 🙂


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