Day 395: Josh and Jenny

Rachel, Day by Day

This weekend (if you can’t tell already) was a wedding weekend! Scott is longtime friends with Jenny (the bride) and was a groomsman in her wedding this past Saturday. This is a photo of Josh and Jenny after the kiss at the ceremony. I love her dress; it is beautiful and looks great on her. The ceremony was outside and luckily the rain held off until later in the evening. It was pretty darn cloudy, but it still looked nice enough outside for a wedding. The weather was sunnier and nicer on Friday; too bad it couldn’t stay that way for Saturday!

Anyway, the ceremony was nice and the reception was a lot of fun. I sat at a table with a nice group of people. The food was really good; they had chicken parmesan, mostacolli, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and roast beef. The whole wedding had a candy theme, and there was even a candy bar that was amazing. There were pop rocks, chocolate covered pretzels, gummy bears, ring pops, and much more. It was great! She even had a photo booth at the wedding, which was pretty cool. Scott and I took some funny pictures together. He looked very handsome in his tuxedo! The last song was I’ve Had the Time of My Life, the song from Dirty Dancing, and Scott and I tried the lift that Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey do at the end. It wasn’t at good, but it was cool trying it. We danced, ate, drank, and had fun! Good times!

I think outdoor weddings are gorgeous, but I don’t think I’d do it. I wouldn’t want to stress about what the weather will be like on the wedding day. I’m guessing brides and people involved stress a lot anyway, so that’s one thing you wouldn’t have to worry about! That was my one thought on weddings for you.

This month is going to be crazy busy, but it’s all fun things! I might sleep through the first few weeks of August. Just letting you know.


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