Day 397: Birthday Celebrations

Rachel, Day by Day

Last night, I went out with my cousins and some friends to celebrate my birthday and Scott’s birthday! I tried making the celebration between our birthdays and I think I was pretty close. His birthday was June 20th and mine is July 9th. So, June 29th is pretty close, right? I’d say so. Anyway, this is a photo of the card Brendan and Anne got both of us. Anne said the two cats remind her of me and Scott… always smiling. I wore a blue dress yesterday, so I can be the blue cat. It makes sense since the other cat is holding a cupcake; Scott LOVES cupcakes. Strangely enough, it made me smile when Anne said we always smile and always seem happy. And I’m smiling right now. Ok, I’ll move on now before I get more lovey dovey.

I had a great time last night! We all went to Cowboy Monkey for some drinks. They have a really nice outdoor area, and it was the perfect night to sit outside! It was nice hanging out and celebrating with everyone. Scott and I split some chicken nachos and they were delicious. I also tried an El Diablo margarita, which tasted delicious. It tasted like Kool Aid; I only had one since I’m guessing it had a lot of alcohol. I took a shot with my cousin Emily that tasted like the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. Yum! Good times!

Well, tomorrow is July. It will be a crazy busy, but really fun month! I’m looking forward to everything coming up soon!! 🙂


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