Day 417: Lombard Street and Pretty View

Rachel, Day by Day

Hello, everyone! I’m finally updating about San Francisco! I’ll try to make my writing a bit brief since I can probably go on and on about the trip. Here are some photos from day 1. The first one is of crooked Lombard Street. Isn’t that crazy? I can’t imagine driving down that road! The flowers make it look really pretty, though. Scott and I walked up the steps next to the road and I took many more pictures. Wow, this city is steep! Anyway, I took the second photo at the top of crooked Lombard Street. Isn’t that an amazing view? This city is so beautiful!!

Well, I didn’t mention this before, but Scott and I went to San Francisco last week on vacation! Day 1 was already really eventful! It started out with Scott losing his plane ticket at the airport. Don’t worry, he found it by the cashier at a sub sandwich place. The flight was smooth sailing the entire way, which was awesome. We spent some time in Chinatown and went to a really good Chinese restaurant. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! We also went to City Lights Bookstore. It was an older and awesome place; I bought a San Francisco related book.

We also went to the Fortune Cookie Factory, the Cable Car Museum, Yerba Buena Gardens (it was beautiful!), Jimmy Stewart’s apartment in the movie Vertigo, and crooked Lombard Street. The evening was filled with a free wine reception at our hotel and amazing rainbow trout at Hyde Street Seafood Restaurant.

What an eventful first day!


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