Day 447: Christmas Eve

Rachel, Day by Day

Hello! Can you believe it’s already the holiday season? Crazy!! Here’s a photo of our annual family Christmas Eve party. We are all getting ready to play Cuban Bingo. I actually won a few rounds! It’s a really fun game; if you want to learn how to play, I’ll teach you! These are some of my wonderful family members. There were a total of 32 people at my mom’s house. It’s nice catching up since I only see some of my relatives once a year. We eat our traditional Cuban meal including pork and black beans and rice. Mmmm, they were delicious! I need to learn how to make black beans. The little kids then opened their Christmas presents. My aunt and uncle gave me a beautiful Christmas ornament. There’s a man on one knee proposing to a girl, and the ornament says Scott and Rachel 2011. It’s so sweet! Our first ornament!! Here’s a cute photo of my cousin Sophie combing my brother’s hair:

Hehe, I thought this was very cute. She combed Scott’s hair a bit, too. I forgot to mention that the little kids sang some Christmas songs before opening presents! And we all joined in for Feliz Navidad. After these fun festivities, my three uncles and aunt actually sat down on the couch and talked about Cuba for about 20 minutes. I got the whole conversation on video, too. It was really neat hearing stories; I wish they could get together and do this more often. I still really want to go to Cuba so badly and meet some relatives. Hopefully someday! Anyway, the night ended with some Cuban Bingo and delicious cupcake martinis that my cousin Jeff made for some of us ladies. Here’s a photo of all the martini ladies:

Mmm, they were good! I had a great night. I will write more about Christmas day and other holiday gatherings, but right now I want to go to bed since I work early in the morning. Goodnight, everyone!


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