Day 457: Red Light

Rachel, Day by Day

Color Challenge: Red Day 2

Here’s is Red Day 2 for you… a red traffic light. Not sure what else to say about this photo, except that I’m surprised I caught so many different traffic light posts in one photo. I took this photo while stopped at the red light, of course. I guess it was a bit dangerous, but I wasn’t moving, so it wasn’t that bad! I was hoping to catch it before the green light popped up. I could try a green light when it’s green week, but that would be even more dangerous… I probably won’t do that. Unless I’m walking outside near a traffic light. Sorry I’m rambling.

So, how do people feel about the facebook timeline? I haven’t switched over yet, but I heard we all will on January 31. I don’t like how everything will show up from when we first signed on to facebook; I can’t remember what I put on the website in 2004 or 2005! I might have to go through and delete a lot of stupid things. We’ll see in a week I guess.

For some reason, the other day, I was thinking about all of the roommates I’ve had in my lifetime. I’ve had a lot of great ones. Then, I thought about the worst… what’s your horrible roommate story (or more than one story)? I didn’t really get along with my first roommate during college. She would wake up at 3 a.m., turn on lights, turn on music, and do homework. I would moan in bed, but she didn’t care. She would also hit the snooze button in the morning and then go take a shower. I slept in the top bunk and had to climb down occasionally to shut off her alarm. She also used to argue with me when I’d watch the Cubs since she didn’t like sports. She even changed the locks to our room and never told me why. It was a weird time. Those are just a few stories for you!

Happy Tuesday!


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