Day 475: Lemons

Rachel, Day by Day

Color Challenge: Yellow Day 6

Well, here are some lemons for you. Can’t get any more yellow than this! I can’t remember the last time I bought a lemon; maybe I’ll make lemonade from scratch this summer. Probably not, though. I like how this photo turned out with the many lemons all together at the grocery store. I probably take way too many pictures here, but there are a lot of different colors in food! Mmm, now I want lemon meringue pie, lemon icee, or a lemon bar. Anyone want to make one of these for me??

Scott and I celebrated Valentine’s Day today (Saturday). He gave me a Chicago wine glass; I love it! The Wrigley Field welcome sign, the lake, Sears Tower, and other things are painted on the wine glass. There’s a recipe for a Chicago drink on the bottom of it, too. I really really like it! It makes me want to visit Chicago right now. He also gave me a bottle of wine to go with it! I gave Scott a photo book from our San Francisco trip. It turned out really well! We went to Biaggi’s on Saturday night, dressed up, and had a really good meal. We ate bruschetta for an appetizer and I had grilled chicken pietro. The sauce was really good (I think there was balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, and something else) and it came with portabello mushrooms and vegetables. It was a great night!

Saturdays are the best days. 🙂


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