Day 481: Ginger Ale

Rachel, Day by Day

Color Challenge: Green Day 5

I don’t really drink pop ever, but when I do, my favorite might be ginger ale. It tastes so good! I’m not a big fan of carbonation, though. Doesn’t it burn your throat?? I don’t like that feeling! My mom has this in her refrigerator. The can is a nice green color! Not that people really care about that. What other brands sell ginger ale? I really can’t think of any right now. Ginger ale is nice to drink when you have a tummy ache, too. Anyone know why? I think Sprite is also good for that. Thanks for settling our stomachs, ginger ale.

I ate a Portillos salad for dinner with my family. Yay!! I miss that place. Scott and I hung out with Andrea and Warren at their new house, too! It’s very nice and it was awesome seeing them again. We stayed up pretty late talking and catching up on things. I miss her! I wish we got to hang out more often.

I’m watching Whitney Houston’s funeral with my family right now. Well, we are actually switching back and forth between this and the Blackhawks game. Yay, they are winning! Anyway, I probably wouldn’t be watching her funeral if I was by myself right now. I don’t think celebrity deaths really affect me. The only one I was a bit sad about was Heath Ledger. Whitney really hasn’t done anything in a while, has she? I did like The Bodyguard, though. Now I want to sing “Run to You.” Maybe later.

I love weekends!


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