Day 486: Harry Potter

Rachel, Day by Day

Color Challenge: Blue Day 3

Here is a blue Harry Potter book for you! I really liked this book, except for a certain person dying at the end. I won’t say the name. But, if you haven’t read this or seen the movie, I’m upset at you. Ok, not really. I am now going to tell you who died in this book, so stop reading if you don’t want to know. It was Sirius Black. I remember reading that part and getting really upset. I might have been at work and on a break with my brother. I started shouting, “No!” I kept looking at my brother, too, hoping for some sort of reaction from him, but he had no idea why I was upset. He probably thought I was crazy. Good times. Anyway, I like the blue color of this book, especially the Harry Potter lettering at the top. Good job, cover designers!

I did well today for the first day of Lent. I didn’t ask anyone that certain question (Are you mad at me?). Is it ok that I just typed it, though? Well, it’s probably ok since I didn’t just ask anyone. Right? I’m confused now. I did almost ask this question twice today, but I stopped myself. I hope I can do this for 40 days. I only ate one meal today since that’s what Catholics do on Ash Wednesday. Let me tell you, it was difficult. I was dumb and had three cups of coffee without any food in me, so my hands started shaking. I finally just had dinner (sushi and salad) and I am extremely full right now. Ugggg. I’m might go in a food coma after this.

Happy Wednesday!


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