Day 508: Gulf Shores Part 1

Rachel, Day by Day

Hello! It’s time for an update. As some of you probably know already, I spent the last week with Scott and his family in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I probably won’t be able to update on all of the days right now, but I’ll slowly get there! This photo above is from last Friday on our way down to the gulf. We stopped at Miss Patti’s restaurant in Kentucky and it was delicious. The outside was pretty cool and pretty, as you can see in the photo above. It was called Patti’s 1880 Settlement. We didn’t stay very long since we wanted to get on the road again, but I ate really good salmon at the restaurant! And I got to see a few very cute rabbits. We made it a little past Nashville and found a hotel for the night. It was an eventful day full of driving!

I’ll write about Saturday, too, since I didn’t write too much about Friday! Here’s another photo for you:

We made it to the beach! Here’s the gulf right in front of our condo. Doesn’t it look so beautiful? Before arriving at our condo, we stopped at a really cool restaurant called Lambert’s Cafe; they throw rolls at you! I caught one and it was a really good roll. It was a fun family place and Caden (Scott’s 4-year-old nephew) seemed to like it. Then, we checked in to our condo and went straight to the beach! Caden and Kendyl (Scott’s 1-year-old niece) had never seen the ocean before, so we wanted to show it to them. And they loved it! Here’s a cute photo of Kendyl enjoying the water:

She’s loving it! I wish I lived closer to the ocean. Anyway, our condo was amazing! There were three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a little laundry room, a nice living room with a big flat screen TV, and a nice modern kitchen. There were a few outdoor pools and an indoor pool at the complex, too, but I never went in them. I just spent the whole time at the ocean! Later on Saturday night, Scott and I went to Sea-N-Suds with the Mike, Kay, Alli, and Gibby (awesome family friends) and had a great time. I tried a long island iced tea (I avoided those the rest of the trip, by the way) and Scott ate some fresh shrimp that I tried. It was so good!! We spent the rest of the night hanging out with everyone on our enormous balcony at the condo.

I promise I’ll write about the rest of the trip! I’ll write more tomorrow, though. I’m tired!


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