Day 511: Gulf Shores Part 4

Rachel, Day by Day

It’s Thursday now! Scott and I walked to this really cool pier nearby. I like how this photo turned out! We couldn’t walk to the very end, though; that part was only for people fishing. Sad. It was still neat, though! I think by today I was pretty darn tan since we went to the beach pretty much every day. I hope I can keep this tan up! I look normal now instead of pale. That night, we went to a REALLY good restaurant called Tin Top. I tried trigger fish for the first time ever; it was really good. I really should stop talking about food now. This is probably getting boring!

Well, I’m now going to write about Friday, our last day. We went to the beach and enjoyed the ocean one last time. We also walked to Sea-N-Suds for our last dinner; that was one of my favorite places to go! It was sad having to pack everything up that night. I took this photo right before going to Sea-N-Suds; I think it’s very beautiful! This basically describes how beautiful of a place this is! I’m really glad I went and got to experience so many new places. It was a very relaxing vacation and those are needed occasionally. Goodbye, Gulf Shores!


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