Day 512: Easter

Rachel, Day by Day

Yay, Easter! I can ask people if they are mad at me again! You, reading this, are you mad at me? Ok, I’ll stop now. I had a great Easter weekend with my family. I had Friday off of work, which was nice, too. I went shopping with my mom a couple of times throughout the weekend (even for a wedding dress!); I miss the malls and stores up north! I got to hang out with my Grandpa and Uncle John most of the weekend, too. We went to a really nice Easter Vigil mass on Saturday night. The church was dark and we each held a candle as we prayed. I was a bit nervous about holding it the majority of the time; I was holding it so tightly that I bent it! It was pretty seeing all of the candles.

Anyway, about the photo! Those are Easter baskets I gave my mom and brother. I organized my annual scavenger hunt for them. They each had to find 10 clues around the house (I wrote out rhyming couplets that were pretty easy to figure out), and I think they had a good time. I had a fun time writing the clues and seeing them running around the house. In the afternoon, we went to my uncle’s house and had a nice family dinner with everyone. It was good seeing everyone again, too. Great weekend!

Do you ever drop things in your car (phone, keys, a mint, coins, etc.) and you really think they are lost forever? I dropped my phone right after closing the door the other day and it took me a while to find it again. It was hard to reach, too. I imagine there’s a ton of crap underneath our car seats. Maybe I’m the only one that thinks this, though.

Have a good night!


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