Day 514: Cool Sculpture

Rachel, Day by Day

Hello! I saw this awesome sculpture downtown today. I like the design at the bottom; it’s very colorful and neat. I’m really dense when it comes to art, so I really don’t understand the giant fist and the bird. Does anyone want to explain it to me? It is really cool, though. Maybe I should take some art classes and learn more about it! This sculpture is called Fox Gloves. I’m not sure if I understand the title, either. You put gloves on hands, so is that part of it? There have been many sculptures around town and I love it. It gives us character! I guess there’s a Sculpture Exhibition going on right now; go to for more info! You can even donate to Public Art League there. I’m glad they are promoting the arts and creativity!

I’m getting married to Scott in almost a year. It still feels really far away and hasn’t clicked yet, but I smile when thinking about it. I bet time will fly faster than we think, especially since it’ll be a busy summer! It’ll be really fun, though. So many things to look forward to!

I think I’m going back in time with the TV shows I’ve been watching lately. I’ve been watching Felicity episodes with a friend, and when I get home from work, I’ve been watching a lot of Friends episodes. It’s such a great show! I really want to get into How I Met Your Mother, though. I’ve been watching the first season and I like it so far!

Happy Wednesday!


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