Day 518: Clouds (Challenge Day 3)

Rachel, Day by Day

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 3

Hello! Here’s a photo of clouds for you. I guess this was an easier photo for the challenge. Well, it wouldn’t have been so easy if there weren’t any clouds in the sky I guess. These are pretty boring clouds; I like the fluffy clouds (I guess the correct term is cumulus). I included the trees in this photo to make it less boring. Sorry this isn’t exciting, creative, or beautiful! Well, I don’t think any of my photos have been exciting.

It’s been a weird evening! My apartment is a model one and my landlord usually calls me when there’s a showing. Well, I didn’t get any phone calls today and they showed up twice with different people. Both times I was only wearing a top and no pants. I had to quickly put my pants back on and hope they wouldn’t open the door! Luckily my landlord waited for me to answer. It probably helped that I shouted, “Just a minute!” Now I’m nervous to change into my softball clothes. I’ll have to do it quickly!

As you already figured out, I have a softball game tonight! Wish me luck!


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