Day 543: Flowers (Challenge Day 28)

Rachel, Day by Day

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 28

Orange flowers are so pretty! These are on the side of my grandpa’s house. There’s something about the orange and green together that’s so pretty. I love flowers! I’m glad I got to take a photo of some for this challenge. I’m not even sure if my grandpa planted these; I think they just popped up on their own. Which makes them more fun and unique! Anyone know what kind of flowers these are? I love the spring when people plant flowers and they just bloom out of nowhere. It’s such a pretty season. So is fall!

I had a nice Memorial Day! Of course, we should remember those who have or currently are serving in our armed forces. It’s amazing that they risk their lives for us. Thank you to all of you! You are amazing people. I spent the day with Scott and his family and had a cookout. We ate a lot, played bags, played with some water guns and splashed each other, and had a nice afternoon in the backyard. It was a nice day off! Too bad we don’t have three-day weekends all the time!

Have you created a bucket list for yourself? I started to since it seems cool, but I started getting sad. There are a lot of things I want to do and some things seem impossible. I love traveling to new places, but how can people afford to travel around the whole world? It seems hopeless!


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