Day 565: Sound of Music

Rachel, Day by Day

Yikes, I haven’t updated in a long time!! I’m going to be better for the rest of the year, though. (And yes, that only gives me about a month). Here is a photo of my cousin Sydney! She was in the musical Sound of Music and played Brigitta, one of the Von Trapp children. Here she is talking to her father, Georg. I love her expressions! She had a lot of lines and did a great job. Of course, I cried like a baby. Here’s another photo of all the Von Trapp children singing goodnight:

She is so cute!! Great job, Syd. And everyone else in the musical!

So, what else is new? Life has been busy, but fun! We are about 5 months away until the wedding, which means panic mode might come in a few months. But, I’ve been having some fun doing all the little things. Thanksgiving has come and gone; it was a beautiful day! Scott and I walked a Turkey Trot in the morning with some of his family. We later ate tons of amazing food, played games, and went on a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt. What a fun day!

On Black Friday, Scott and I put our Christmas decorations up! We have colored icicle lights hanging on the gutters and our big pretty tree is in the living room. We even have stockings hanging on the bookshelves! I’m in the Christmas spirit already. I’m back to playing Christmas music at my guitar lessons, too. I guess we ended up buying one thing on Black Friday: an adapter for the Christmas lights. And it wasn’t even on sale. Sad! Oh, I did take back some extra lights to Hobby Lobby and exchanged them for a tree skirt. Not sure if that counts, though. I visited family the weekend after Thanksgiving and had a great time with them, too! We hung out, relaxed, played games, and ate more food! Good times.

Here’s a random question… where did the mustache craze come from? I keep seeing them on the Internet, in decorations, sold on things in stores (like t-shirts and bottle openers), and so on. They keep coming up at parties and weddings, too. I’m just not getting it. Maybe I’m behind on things.

Well, I have an announcement! I’m going to do a December Photography Challenge starting on December 1st! So, I’ll be writing a lot more soon. Here’s the challenge (and you can click on Photography Challenges above to see it again):

So, stay tuned! And go put some Christmas decorations up. Right now.


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