Day 582: Presents

Rachel, Day by Day

Capturing December: Day 17

Day 582: Presents

Here are some presents under our tree for you! Don’t peek if you think you are getting any of these. 🙂 I like the different colors of wrapping paper we got this year; variety is fun! I think I have all of my presents wrapped and ready to go for people and Scott has most of his done. It’s a nice feeling to be done and we can just relax the rest of the week! I hope everyone likes their gifts this year; it was hard coming up with some things!

Well, I didn’t see any strange glowing lights this morning. That’s probably for the best. Hmmm, should I try making some Christmas cookies this week?? I might try; it could be fun! If they don’t turn out well, I just won’t share them with anyone.

Have a good night!


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