Day 603: Springfield

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 603: Springfield

Hello there! Scott and I took a trip to Springfield, Illinois, yesterday and had a great time! The last time I took a tour of the town had to be in 1999 or 2000 (when I was in middle school). I did go to Springfield once during college, but didn’t have a chance to see all the sites! Here’s a photo of Scott in front of Lincoln’s home. We took a tour through the house and it was really neat. A lot of the furniture is original! I really wanted to sit on one of his chairs, but that’s definitely not allowed. It was just so cool to think Lincoln and his family were standing where I stood! Awesome.

After seeing his home, we went to a really cool place called Cafe Moxo for some coffee and a quick bite to eat. I ate a really good Asiago bagel and had some amazing coffee. It really had a cool atmosphere. I’m a big fan of local cafes, and this one ranks high on my list. We’ll have to go back there someday.

Next, we went to the Lincoln Museum. On the walk there, we noticed a really pretty park and we happened to see Lincoln sitting on a bench. So, I had a quick conversation with him. Here’s a photo to prove it!

Day 603: Springfield

He is a very nice man. The museum is AWESOME. I learned so much about the Civil War and Lincoln’s life; I really can’t imagine living in that time. It was so sad to read about all the horrible diseases and deaths during the Civil War, and of course, reading about Lincoln’s death. It makes me wonder what else he could have done for our country. It was weird seeing all of the editorial cartoons against Lincoln at that time, too. Very sad! On a happier note, here’s a family photo of the Lincolns (and Scott and me):

Day 603: Springfield

Maybe this will be our family Christmas photo this year! We’ll see. Our next stop was Lincoln’s Tomb. I remember seeing it before, but forgot how big it is! We didn’t spend too much time there, but got a few quick photos:

Day 603: Springfield

We then went to dinner at a place called Dublin’s Pub; it was really good. I ate a yummy wrap and had a very big blue moon. It was a great day in Springfield! And I learned a lot of interesting things. I liked checking out all the sites while not in school anymore; we didn’t have to fill out silly worksheets!

I’m not feeling so great this morning, but hopefully I get better throughout the day! My voice sounds a bit weird, but the sore throat I had this morning is almost gone.

Have a good day, everyone!


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