Day 608: Caroline

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 608: Caroline

I have a new little cousin! Isn’t she a cutie?? Her name is Caroline Lou and she was born on February 14th. She’s a Valentine’s Day baby! I’ve been able to visit her twice already and she’s adorable. Here’s a cute photo of her above. She’s been opening her eyes a lot more lately and they are beautiful. My cousin Bob and his wife Libby had Caroline, their first child. I am really happy for them! This girl is going to be so loved.

Here’s a photo of my mom with Caroline:

Day 608: Caroline

Ahh, she’s so cute and tiny! It’s hard not to make cute silly noises around her. Here’s another fun photo of the four generations (my grandpa, Uncle Tom, Bob, and Caroline):

Day 608: Caroline

Caroline might be sleeping in this photo, but that’s ok. It’s still a great photo. It was great seeing her these past few weeks!

By the way, can you tell there are many Blackhawks fans in my family? (See Bob and my mom in these photos). The Blackhawks are doing so well lately!! It’s been AMAZING!! I keep getting more nervous every single game. Even though it’s been a shorter season, it’s been an awesome one so far.

Scott and I watched Skyfall yesterday. It was my first time watching it and second for him. I liked it, but then again, I think Daniel Craig is very attractive. I was definitely angry at the villain a lot, so he must have done a good job! He was pretty creepy, too. It was cool learning about James Bond’s past a bit and seeing where he grew up. SPOILER ALERT AHEAD! I guess I’ll say that I didn’t like when M died; I thought she should have lived. But, I’m sure most people were fine with that ending since the movie focused on her a lot. I guess I’ll just miss her! It was weird seeing James Bond turn into a drunk and get depressed, but I like that they did that. Even though he’s this amazing, awesome, and strong guy, he’s still human and has faults. If I had to grade this movie, I’d give it a B-. I still think Casino Royale was my favorite Daniel Craig Bond movie.

Speaking of James Bond, out of all the James Bond movies, I’ve seen all the Daniel Craig ones and one Pierce Brosnan one. Should I expand my horizons with the James Bond movies? I do want to see a Sean Connery one. Any suggestions?

Well, have a good night, folks!


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