Day 613: Easter

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 613: Easter

I guess I never really thought about this until now, but I think I love Easter! I made these bunny cakes for my family and Scott’s family over the weekend; I love them! They turned out so cute and I keep smiling when looking at them. Can I make these anytime during the year, or does it have to be just for Easter? I hope not just for Easter! If you can’t tell the ears are made out of pink icing and the whiskers are made out of black icing. The eyes and nose are jelly beans and the mouth is icing. Everything worked out well! I’m proud of myself.

Easter was a good day! I created a scavenger hunt for my mom, Ray, and Scott (and I called it the Amazing Easter Race). They each had to find 10 clues hidden around the house and the first one to find them all won an extra prize! I’ve been doing this for a long time, even when my dad was around. I guess I stopped doing this for a while, but decided to bring it back these past few years. My mom won this year and got a Pez dispenser, some Peeps, and an Easter basket full of candy. Ray and Scott also got Easter baskets for participating. And it was a non-elimination race. The Easter bunny also brought me an Easter basket! That was nice of him. I also had my first glass of wine since before Lent. Mmmm. We then hung out with Scott’s family later, which was a good time! I had my first beer since before Lent, too. In case you didn’t notice, I gave up beer and wine for Lent. It was a good one! What a great day; we got to see our wonderful family members. 🙂

My mom and I also colored Easter eggs over the weekend. Here’s a photo:

Day 613: Easter

I like the colors! How do you avoid those white spots, though? I see them every year! Oh well. It was fun and I will never be too old for this.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter!


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