Day 614: Bunnies

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 614: Bunnies

Rabbits are back!!! The weather is getting warmer and the sun is out a lot longer. I LOVE SPRING! Scott and I sat outside for a little bit and he happened to walk to our backyard. He suddenly ran up to me and told me to follow him. I then see these two bunnies sitting in our grass. I had to take a photo! Of course, they ran away as I got closer to them, but they looked so comfy in our grass for a while! Awww, I wish I could pet them. OK, I’ll move on now.

I’m now watching 500 Days of Summer. I love this movie, mainly because I also love Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. The movie feels real, like I feel a connection to both of them as I watch it. They both work for a greeting card company, and I keep thinking that it actually sounds pretty awesome. I might like writing greeting cards! Maybe I’ll try it at home as a side job.

Lately I’ve been sentimental and emotional about having a new last name soon. I’ve had the same one for 26 years; how can I suddenly be OK with a new one? It’s a big change! And I will be moving down in the alphabet. I love my last name and always have. I do like Scott’s last name a lot, but had trouble figuring out the capital F for a while. Anyway, I think I will write my last name a lot this month since I won’t be able to soon.

Have a good night!


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