Day 617: Bachelorette Party #2

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 617: Bachelorette Party #2From left to right: Brittany, Melissa, Christina, Rachel (me), Renee, Anne, and Stephanie!

I am one lucky girl, because I got multiple bachelorette parties! That just means I have awesome friends. My matron of honor (Andrea) and bridesmaids were kind enough to plan a bachelorette party for me in Naperville. My friends Brittany, Melissa, Christina, Stephanie, Anne, Renee, and Andrea were all there. And guess what else?? Renee (one of my bridesmaids) flew from France to be at the bachelorette party! I’m so happy she was there. We started out by getting pedicures at a salon and we got to drink champagne as we were getting our nails done. That was great. I got to wear a sash and a tiara with a veil on it all night! We then went to Heaven on Seven for dinner where Vincentina, Sarah, and Nicole joined us! The restaurant has Louisiana-style food; I ate a vegetarian po’ boy and it was delicious!

After dinner, we headed over to BlackFinn for some drinks and dancing. It was a cool place; I definitely want to go back sometime. I drank a lot of Sex and the City martinis and we tried a shot that tasted exactly like fruit loops. Strange! Apparently there were seven other bachelorette parties there that night! Renee had a game planned called How Well Do I Know Scott? If I answered a question incorrectly, I had to take a sip of my drink. If I answered correctly, the person who read the question had to take a sip of their drink. I did really well! I guess I know Scott. 🙂 Our friends Wade, Amit, and Jessy randomly showed up later, too; it was awesome! I had a great time dancing. I then stayed at Melissa’s house for the night and we had muffins the next morning. Here’s a dancing photo for you:

Day 617: Bachelorette Party #2

What a great bachelorette party!! I want to thank Andrea and everyone else for putting together the party and everyone who went! It was amazing hanging out with all of you. I’m tempted to have another bachelorette party so we can all hang out again! 🙂

Have a good night!


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