Day 620: Wedding

Rachel, Day by Day

Well, it’s time for me to write about our wedding. Be prepared; there are lots of photos in this post! And WARNING: THIS IS THE LONGEST POST EVER. I figured it would be nice to talk about mostly everything through photos. But, I should say that it was one of the most amazing days of my life and I always smile when thinking about it. Everything went perfectly and it was wonderful having all of our friends and family there in one place. I am so lucky to have Scott in my life and that day was full of love!

Day 620: Wedding Day 620: Wedding

I started out getting ready in the morning with Maggie and my bridesmaids; we went to a hair salon called K.E. Meridian. I really liked that place! They let us bring in food and drinks, and they did a great job on our hair and makeup. These photos above are from the hair salon! I like the group photo. Kendyl (the flower girl) was so cute while getting her hair done. She just kept staring at herself in the mirror and was silent. She might have been confused! We then went back to my mom’s house to eat some snacks, get dressed, and take some prewedding photos. Here are some!

  Day 620: WeddingFrom left to right: Curtis, Jeremie, Ray, Caden, Scott, David, and Mickey

Day 620: WeddingFrom left to right: Renee, Christina, Andrea, Rachel (me!), Stacie, Kendyl, Sydney, and Melissa
  Day 620: Wedding

Scott and his groomsmen got ready and took some prewedding photos at the church. Aren’t all the bridesmaids beautiful!? Sometimes I can’t believe this day is over already. Anyway, my bridesmaid Melissa gave me a white balloon at my mom’s house to send a message to my dad. I REALLY loved that; thank you, Melissa! I want to tear up just thinking about it. Then, we got in the limo and headed over to the church!

Day 620: Wedding

We got to the church a bit early, so I sat in the back room with my bridesmaids. I really wanted to take a peak when everyone was walking in, but I couldn’t! I guess I’ll just have to see that part when we get the DVD. The ceremony was beautiful; Ray walked me down the aisle, which was nice. One of my favorite moments that day was waiting in the back room with him. It was hard not to think about our dad and it was a nice moment with Ray. I can’t believe this, but I don’t even remember being nervous while walking down the aisle. And I thought I would be the whole time! I kept staring at that huge smile on Scott’s face. More photos!

Day 620: WeddingRay walking me down the aisle

Day 620: WeddingBeautiful Saint Domitilla Church

Day 620: WeddingOur first kiss!

My Uncle John read the first reading and my friend Brittany read the second reading. Father Tim had a very nice homily mentioning us and talking about marriage. He did accidentally say, “It’s a beautiful day for a funeral” instead of wedding, but I thought it was funny! He looked embarrassed, though, and mentioned how he had a funeral that morning. It was definitely one of the topics that evening! Scott and I then exchanged vows and rings, and then had our first kiss. My Uncle Tom then read the prayer of the faithful and I then walked over to the statue of Mary and prayed to her. Then the ceremony was over! It really was beautiful. We then took photos after the wedding. Here are some more, of course!

      Day 620: WeddingScott and me, one of our favorites

Day 620: WeddingMy family from left to right: Brandy, Michelle, Janet, me, Scott, Ray, and Heather

Day 620: WeddingScott’s family from left to right: Jeff, Kendyl, Barb, me, Scott, Stacie, Caden, and Curtis

Day 620: Wedding

I couldn’t resist posting this last photo! Poor Kendyl was having a long day and was tired of taking photos, so she started tearing up a bit. We got a photo of all of us staring at her. I think it’s pretty funny!

After taking photos at the church, we took even more photos at Graue Mill. The limo ride was really fun; we were all a bit crammed in there, but we got to drink champagne and hang out! I really liked it. It was fun being with the whole bridal party.

Day 620: WeddingThe bridal party!

Day 620: WeddingI made this photo a bit bigger so you could see awesome jumping skills!

After all of the photos here,  it was time to party at Carlisle Banquets! The reception was such an awesome time. I really had a good time in the receiving line talking to everyone and getting many hugs! We had a cocktail and hors d’oevres hour during the receiving line and I loved our signature drinks. We had a Brito Mojito and Scott Spritzer! I drank a Scott Spritzer during dinner and really liked it. Here’s a photo of the room with the cake.

Day 620: Wedding

For our cake topper, Scott had a cardinals logo on his shirt and I had a Cubs logo on my dress. We are standing on a baseball field, too! It’s cute. Our favors were lottery tickets; I think the big winner of the night won $10. Too bad nobody won anything higher! After the cocktail hour, the bridal party was introduced, as well as Scott and me. We then cut the cake and my cousin Kim said the prayer. Ray and Andrea made speeches and both were great! For dinner, everyone had a choice of sirloin steak, salmon filet, or chicken picatta. I ate the chicken picatta and it was great! More photos:

  Day 620: Wedding

Day 620: Wedding

Day 620: Wedding

For dessert, we had our wedding cake (vanilla cake with chocolate mousse) and vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. Yum! We played a slideshow during dinner with photos of us, too. After dinner, Scott and I had our first dance, then Ray and I danced, and then Scott and his mom shared a dance together. Guess what? More photos:

Day 620: Wedding

Day 620: Wedding

Day 620: Wedding

The rest of the night was filled with awesome dancing and wonderful company! My cousin Hannah caught the bouquet and Scott’s friend David caught the garter. I can’t believe how many people were out on the dance floor; it was great! We even did some dances like the electric slide and Cotton Eye Joe. It’s insane how much fun I had! Here are some dancing photos:

Day 620: Wedding

Day 620: Wedding

Day 620: Wedding

Day 620: Wedding

After the reception, Scott and I walked into our hotel room to see rose petals all around the room and a bottle of champagne on the table! Thank you, Melissa! We visited friends and family members all around the hotel and had a great time hanging out with everyone in hotel rooms and in the lobby area. Breakfast the next morning with everyone in the meeting room was awesome, too!

You know, I didn’t really like the planning part for the wedding, but when I look back on the actually day, it was amazing. Everything went perfectly and I felt happy and loved the entire day. I think I was mostly in awe by the fact that all of those people were there because they love us and we love them. I cannot thank everyone enough for being there and for their generosity. Scott and I are both very lucky people to have such wonderful family and friends. And I personally felt (and still feel) so lucky to have Scott, especially during the ceremony. I felt loved just looking at him and repeating our vows. I could not have asked for a better husband, a better partner, and a better friend. I love you very much!

I also want to thank everyone who helped out with the wedding and who had to listen to me rant about it occasionally. Also, thank you to Barb and Jeff for an amazing rehearsal dinner and for helping us out with things; you are both amazing in-laws! Thank you to everyone who threw bachelor and bachelorette parties, and of course the bridal showers! Thank you to our bridal party; you are all amazing, wonderful, kind, and crazy awesome people and I’m so glad you were part of the wedding! Thank you to the readers during the ceremony; you all did a great job! Thank you to Maggie for finding my inhaler and Scott’s vest! Thank you to everyone who came to the wedding and I hope you had as much fun as I did! And lastly, thank you especially to my mom. This day would not have been possible without you and thank you for all of your help along the way. You did way too much for us and I hope you know how much we appreciate everything you did and everything you do. I love you very much!

I’m finally done with this post now!


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