Day 629: Blackhawks Win

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 629: Blackhawks Win

Guess what?? The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup!!! AHHH!! But, I’m sure you already knew that. It was an amazing night, though! This was on June 24th, by the way. Scott and I hung out in Champaign with Steve and Jillian that night (see photo). We went to The Esquire for some food, drinks, and of course, to watch the Blackhawks game!!

Wow, wasn’t it a crazy and exciting game?? The Blackhawks were tied with the Bruins going into the 3rd period, and then the excitement happened! The Bruins were the first to score, and they were winning most of the 3rd period. I was even preparing myself for yet another hockey game. Then, with 76 seconds left, Bryan Bickell scored a goal for the Blackhawks! They game was tied, which was great. We all went nuts!! Then, 17 seconds later, Dave Bolland scored for the Blackhawks, which made the score 3-2! The four of us went COMPLETELY INSANE and were jumping up and down in the bar!! It was an amazing feeling. The last minute of the hockey game was so scary; I was very nervous with everything that just happened! But…. THEY WON!! The Blackhawks are the Stanley Cup Champions!! We celebrated at the bar for a while, and then I got to see my cousin Matt and his wife Jackie! We drank a shot in honor of the Blackhawks. What a great night!! It was amazing watching all of that with Scott, Steve, and Jillian. What great times! This has seriously been an amazing year.

Have a great night!


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