Day 631: Family Visits

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 631: Family VIsits

Over July 4th weekend, my family (my mom, grandpa, Ray, and Uncle John), decided to visit Scott and I in Normal! We had a fun time. We had a cookout in the backyard (see above photo), and it was a really nice weekend to be outside! Apparently I made way too much food (a few appetizers and then brats, burgers, jello, pasta salad, potato salad, fruit salad, and so on), but everything was good. Since it was July 4th weekend, I came up with some Independence Day trivia for everyone! My Uncle John ended up winning, so he won a toy dart gun! Yes, I bought a lame prize. It was fun, though! I think everyone enjoyed it. Thank you to Barb and Jeff for this awesome patio set, by the way!

Later on, we went to the Sugar Creek Arts Festival in downtown Normal. It was nice! My mom bought a few things and I had fun walking around. We went mini golfing later, too! I made a fun 4th of July dessert. Here’s a photo for you!

Day 631: Family VIsits

It’s vanilla pudding with some whipped cream in the middle and oreo crumbles on top. Yum! We made sure to get some Carl’s ice cream before the weekend was over, too. I had fun hanging out with my family! Thanks for visiting!

I’m thinking about giving my blog a makeover. I think I’m a little tired of how it looks. What do you think? I also wish I could change the title (I hate how the number 3 is in the URL), but I don’t know if I can do much about that. Anyone have any ideas??

Have a good day! And evening. And night.


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