Day 644: Wisconsin Dells

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 644: Wisconsin Dells

Hello there! Over Labor Day weekend, my family and I went to Wisconsin Dells! I haven’t been there in such a long time, and it was a lot of fun. Here’s a photo of our hotel. We rented a 2-bedroom condo at Wilderness Resort. The condo was really nice! There were two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and it was very spacious. There was even a jacuzzi tub! We spent a lot of time at the water park, which was really awesome. Scott, Ray, and I went on a lot of water slides!! Here’s a photo of one of the parks for you.

Day 644: Wisconsin DellsThe Wilderness has a crazy amount of water parks… indoors and outdoors! Here’s another one for you.

Day 644: Wisconsin DellsWe went on that crazy spiral waterslide and I almost fell out! I felt like a little kid again going on these slides. I must admit that it was AWESOME. We also did a lot of other things throughout the weekend, including minigolfing and going on one of those Ducks! Here are some more visuals for you.

Day 644: Wisconsin Dells

Enjoying our mini golf outing!

Day 644: Wisconsin Dells

Ray and Scott did something wrong.

We went to a really good restaurant called Paul Bunyan’s; they serve delicious family style food. We ate BBQ brisket, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and more! Mmmm.

Day 644: Wisconsin Dells

John, Ray, and Mom waiting for their amazing food.

Day 644: Wisconsin Dells

Gramps, Scott, and me about to eat!

Later that weekend, John, Gramps, Scott and I went on a Wisconsin Duck Tour! They are those vehicles that go on land and in water. I’ve never been on one before and it was really neat, especially when it was time to dive in the water!

Day 644: Wisconsin Dells

John and Gramps enjoyng the Duck!

The scenery up in Wisconsin was breathtaking. Even looking out our condo, we saw the beautiful lake. I don’t know why we aren’t in Wisconsin more often (In the summer I mean). Just look at this photo with the infinity pool!

Day 644: Wisconsin Dells

I had a great time with my family. It was relaxing at times, but also awesome going on all those water slides. I also loved going in the lazy river with my mom. I hope we go back soon!!


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