Day 645: Milwaukee

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 645: MilwaukeeGreetings from Wisconsin again! I spent two weekends in a row there, and it was great. The weekend after the Dells, I drove to Milwaukee with Scott, Kate, and Graham, and we met up with our friends Brendan and Anne! It was fun; I think I’ve been to Milwaukee before, but I was little. Here’s a photo of Kate and Graham after we entered Wisconsin!

Once we reached Milwaukee, we checked into our hotel and walked to a German bar. We each had liters of beer! It was crazy awesome. Here’s proof!

Day 645: Milwaukee

Kate, Scott, and Brendan enjoying their beer.

Since we got there pretty late on Friday, we just went back to the hotel and hung out for a while before going to bed. The next day, we walked around the riverwalk and a really cool market with tasty cheese and fish. Here’s a beautiful photo of the river.

Day 645: MilwaukeePretty! It started raining a lot all of a sudden while we were walking, so we decided to run over to the science museum. It was awesome! There was an aquarium in the basement as well as science-related things.

Day 645: Milwaukee

Scott with some jellyfish.

Day 645: Milwaukee

In the aquarium.

Day 645: Milwaukee

Kate on a bed of nails! I tried it, too. It was crazy!

Day 645: Milwaukee

Me and Bing!

After the museum, we ate some food and walked around a bit more. The rain had stopped by then! That night, we went to a spy bar called The Safe House. It was really cool; you had to know a password to get in and it’s very hidden. We didn’t know the password, so we had to act like zombies in order to get in. That was fun! I drank a few martinis and danced around with Anne and Kate!

Day 645: Milwaukee

Anne, Brendan, Kate, and Graham at the spy bar!

It was a good time. The next day, we ate lunch at a pub and watched a lot of football before heading home. Of course, we had to stop at this awesome statue and pose.

Day 645: MilwaukeeIt’s fun being silly occasionally! I really had a great time with these awesome people. I get to see Kate and Graham a lot, but I’m sad we don’t get to see Anne and Brendan as often! I hope we can get together again soon. Fun times!


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