Day 649: Double Take My Dad

Rachel, Day by Day

Double Take

Day 649: Double Take My Dad

Photo on left: Taken on September 23, 1997.
Photo on right: Taken on September 23, 1999.

I know these photos were taken only two years apart, but I wanted to post them anyway. I love how similar they are and he’s sitting in the exact same spot! These are two photos of my dad (if you haven’t noticed by the title of the post already). That was his chair when we ate dinner every evening. Anyway, I wish I could remember exactly what we did on both of these days, but I don’t. We usually went out to dinner and would eat cake or cupcakes back at the house. Today is his birthday, so I thought it was appropriate to post photos of my dad. Happy birthday, Papa!

For the photo on the right, that was his 60th birthday. Since it’s a milestone birthday, we got him a lei and beer cans as candles! I like how happy he looks in that photo. When I saw these photos recently, I thought there were more years apart between them; he does look a bit different after only two years. Or maybe it’s just a difference in quality of the photos. Anyway, I love both of these photos. These were the type of moments he loved the most. When we were all together as a family.

Maybe I’ll buy a cookie or cupcake for myself today. Just to celebrate for him.

Have a good day, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Day 649: Double Take My Dad

  1. Great memories, Rachel. My dad turned 60 in 1999, too. It was his last birthday that we got to celebrate with him. He would have been 74 on October 11 this year. Many hugs to you!!

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