Day 650: Double Take Scott

Rachel, Day by Day

Double Take

Day 650: Double Take Scott

Photo on left: Taken on April 26, 2003.
Photo on right: Taken on April 27, 2013.

Isn’t my little hubby so cute?? Well, I guess he isn’t that little in either of these photos. It’s funny; when I first saw the photo on the left, I thought he looked exactly the same. But, when comparing the two, he has changed a lot over the years! Here is Scott for you. I love how these photos are almost exactly 10 years apart (see caption for dates). 🙂

The first photo on the left was taken before his senior prom. It was taken in his backyard. He had a girlfriend at the time and went with her. I just asked him if he had fun at prom, but he told me he doesn’t remember most of it. I guess it wasn’t that memorable! He went to a Japanese restaurant before the dance with his date and friends, and then went home. So, here’s a piece of advice to all of you high schoolers who haven’t gone to prom yet… If it’s not the most amazing night of your life, that’s completely fine. Life gets better after high school.

The second photo on the right was taken on our wedding day 10 years later. This photo was also taken outside, but at St. Domitilla Church before the ceremony. I’m pretty sure he was excited at that point. This was the first of many photos that day! Our wedding day was amazing. It was full of love and happiness. He does clean up well in this tuxedo, too! (Although he almost forgot to wear the vest in the ceremony.) It’s crazy to think how much people change in 10 years, especially from high school. Scott told me he’s a lot more confident now and open to new things. Good for him!

So, this is the man I married, before I knew him and then on our wedding day. Sometimes I wonder if we would have been friends in high school…. for some reason I feel like we would have been friendly toward each other, but maybe have a different group of friends. I’m glad we didn’t meet back then… we both definitely grew up since then! I’m glad we found each other.

Goodnight, everyone!


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