Day 663: Paris Day 2

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Day 663: Paris Day 2

Guess what we saw today… the Eiffel Tower! Here’s Renée and I in front of it.

Ready for day 2? I hope so! Scott and I started out the day having breakfast at our hotel. Sadly the coffee wasn’t the greatest and they ran out of bowls for cereal, so we just ate yogurt. I think we got to the lobby way too late! Oh well. Renée picked us up and we took the Metro over to the Eiffel Tower. One of my favorite moments on this trip was seeing the tower for the first time. When getting off the Metro, we walked a few blocks before actually seeing it. We then turned at a corner around a building and there’s this spectacular view of it (see photo above). It looks even better in person! I took a crazy amount of photos, but how can you not?? It is a wonderful sight. I actually teared up a bit while looking at it; I honestly never thought I’d go to Paris and see it in person. It was an amazing moment.

Day 663: Paris Day 2

Scott and I with the Eiffel Tower.

Day 663: Paris Day 2

I had to post a shot of the Eiffel Tower by itself!

After looking at it for a while, we decided to actually go up in the tower! There are two platforms for visitors; we went on both of them. The second one is at the very top and I got a bit nervous being up there! The view was breathtaking, though. Again, I took lots of photos. 🙂 You can even buy a glass of champagne at the very top, but it was pretty expensive!

Day 663: Paris Day 2

Me and the view from the first platform on the Eiffel Tower.

Day 663: Paris Day 2

Scott and the view from the second platform on the Eiffel Tower.

After spending lots of time at the Eiffel Tower, we decided to be movie nerds. Scott really wanted to see a few things from the movie Inception, so we saw the bridge from Ellen Page’s dream and we found the café where her and Leonardo DiCaprio are sitting in her dream and everything around them sort of explodes. The bridge looked familiar to me! It was pretty cool.

After being movie nerds, the three of us ate lunch at this really good café nearby. We all ate salmon with lobster bisque sauce. Mmmm, two of my favorite things to eat. Both were yummy! We then headed to Les Invalides, where Napoleon’s tomb is. It was a beautiful building; Napoleon’s tomb is in the center of it. I’m pretty sure his whole tomb is made of marble. That has to be heavy!

Day 663: Paris Day 2

Scott and Les Invalides.

Day 663: Paris Day 2

Napoleon’s Tomb.

I can’t imagine wanting this sort of shrine for myself and wanting a giant tomb. He was pretty powerful, though! We walked around Les Invalides for a while and found the Armor Museum. I thought this was pretty awesome; the armor was authentic and so detailed.

Day 663: Paris Day 2

Here’s some armor for you!

I really can’t imagine wearing this; it must be extremely heavy! I’d be afraid of falling over. Even the headpiece is really detailed! We saw some swords and things in the museum, too. It’s great that Paris still has these things from their crazy history. There’s also a giant statue of Napoleon in the courtyard at Les Invalides. He definitely thought highly of himself! Anyone want a giant statue of themselves for Christmas this year??

The three of us then walked around Paris for a bit; we passed the Assemblée Nationale (National Assembly) building. It was grand and beautiful like most buildings in Paris! We definitely couldn’t go in; a giant fence surrounded it. Gold was painted at the top of the fence, too! We also saw these four columns with gold statues at the top of them as we walked around. I think they surrounded the Pont Alexandre III, a bridge that spans the Seine and connects lots of places in Paris. Even random statues on the streets are gorgeous! What a lovely town.

We then went to the Musee d’Orsay, which is a museum with lots of art and sculptures. It was so great seeing so many pieces in person! We saw a lot of Monet, which was awesome. Sadly you aren’t allowed to take photos there! I understand, though. After the museum, we decided to take a break and went to a café for happy hour! I tried some wine and we all shared a salmon and bread appetizer. Yeah, we ate a lot of salmon on this trip. It was delicious! I must say, spending time with Scott and Renée in this café just chatting about things was one of my favorite moments on the trip. I miss just sitting and hanging out with Renée!

A while later, we met up with Chris and had a delicious dinner full of crepes (dinner and dessert ones). I tried a foie gras (the liver of a duck or goose) crepe. It was heavenly! I can’t believe it, but I love foie gras! I definitely recommend it, but it’s probably hard to get in the U.S. We then had some dessert crepes, too, which were tasty. I shared a caramel one with Renée.

Day 663: Paris Day 2

A yummy dessert crepe!

After dinner, Scott and I went to Ciel de Paris, a restaurant at the top of the Montparnasse Tower. We had a few drinks and got to sit at a table right by the window. The view was unbelievable!! It was hard not to smile when looking out the window. Here you go!

Day 663: Paris Day 2

Beautiful view from Ciel de Paris.

Isn’t that an amazing view?? I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but at night on the hour, the Eiffel Tower sparkles. I got a photo of it sparkling for you! And for myself. 🙂 It was a great end to the night.

Yep. Again, we did all this in one day. Don’t judge. We were in Paris for heaven’s sake!

Stay tuned for more Paris adventures!!


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