Day 670: Christmas Day

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 670: Christmas DayNow it’s time to update about Christmas day! Here’s a photo of Caden all excited about a new game. I can’t remember having as much energy as him; he was excited most of the day!!

Scott and I drove back home Christmas morning and spent the day with his family! We first started out at his parent’s house and opened presents with them, Stacie, Curtis, and the kids. Everyone was too generous! You could tell Caden and Kendyl loved opening their presents, too.It was cute seeing them open everything.

Opening presents! From left to right: Jeff (Scott's dad), Stacie, and Curtis.

Opening presents! From left to right: Jeff (Scott’s dad), Stacie, and Curtis.

Scott opening A House Divided door mat!

Scott opening A House Divided door mat!

Scott and I got a lot of really nice things throughout the day! We got a Rachael Ray casserole dish, matching Blackhawks zip-up hoodies, tervis cups, a kindle, games, Paris body wash and lotion, and more! Everyone was way too nice.

Kendyl opening a gift.

Kendyl opening a gift.

We then went to Scott’s grandma and grandpa’s house to spend time with his dad’s side of the family. It was nice seeing everyone since we don’t see them very often. We watched the grandkids and grandparents open presents, ate food, and mingled. Scott’s grandma made way too much food! I felt like all I did was eat all day. It was all good, though!

Opening presents at the Fowler's house!

Opening presents at his grandparent’s house!

We then moved on to Granny’s house, his mom’s side of the family. We opened more presents with everyone and had a nice Christmas dinner made by Ashley. She made prime rib, vegetables, salad, potatoes, and more! She even made some really good cake for dessert.

Granny opening a present.

Granny opening a present.

Hanging out at Granny's house!

Hanging out at Granny’s house!

We then played some new board games people got for Christmas until we all were exhausted! It was a fun Christmas day.

It’s almost the new year! I’m working on my year in review, so stay tuned!


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