Day 673: New Years Eve

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 673: New Years Eve

Well, here is my first photo and post in 2014! Scott and I had a nice New Years Eve. We dressed up and went to Medici for dinner; it was packed with people! I tried salmon with gouda mac and cheese and asparagus. It was absolutely delicious! I seriously want to go back right now and eat that meal again. I’ve never tried gouda mac and cheese before, but it’s such a great idea! Lots of people were wearing hats and having fun with noise makers. We sat by this really big table with probably about 20 people. If I had to guess, everyone in that group had to be around 70 years old. I kept thinking that I hope I still get together with lots of friends at that age! It was pretty cool.

After Medici, Scott and I walked over to Maggie Miley’s for some drinks. There was a live Irish band and the bar was crowded. We drank champagne at midnight as you can see in the photo and the band helped everyone with the countdown! It was a lot of fun. We left a bit after midnight since it was a very cold night and I wanted to get in pajamas! It was a great way to ring in the new year.

This weekend, Scott and I didn’t leave the house much! It’s cold and snowy at the moment. It’s kind of nice watching the snow and knowing you won’t have to drive in it!

Happy 2014, everyone!


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