Day 675: Double Take Rachel and Pirate

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 675: Double Take Rachel and Pirate

Photo on left: Taken in 2004.
Photo on right: Taken in 2013.

Well, I thought this double take was pretty cool. I’m not even sure how I found this! These photos were taken at Wisconsin Dells. This pirate is at Pirates Cove Adventure Golf. It kind of makes sense that we have two of these photos; my family and I love mini golf! It’s funny that I’m doing the same thing in both photos, though… touching the pirate’s leg. It kind of weirds me out a little but, but oh well!

For the photo on the left, my family went to Wisconsin Dells in August of 2004. We went on the trip right before I started college. I was probably nervous and excited about the new change coming up in my life. Gosh, it’s strange thinking about how different I was back then! A young, naive girl. A lot happens in 9 years!

For the photo on the right, my family, Scott, and I went back to the Dells in August of 2013. This was pretty recent! We stayed at a condo at Wilderness Resort and it was beautiful. Click here to read more about the trip. My family doesn’t live too far from the Dells, so we went a lot when I was younger. Plus, water parks are awesome! I love this place.

I do look a bit different in the photos; my face is a bit younger in the photo on the left. I look happier in the second photo, which is good! The pirate looks the same after all these years! He does have more scratches now and the color on him might be fading. He is still looking good, though.

Well, that’s it! Hope you enjoyed it.


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