Day 678: Family Visiting

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 678: Family Visiting

I am extremely behind! This photo is from the middle of January, and now we are in March! Sorry about this folks (who actually read this). My family (Uncle John, mom, Ray, and grandpa) decided to visit Scott and me for the day! Since we’ve had such cold and snowy weather, we spent most of the day at our house just chatting and hanging out. I made dinner for everyone (pulled pork sandwiches, potato wedges, and jello). Here’s everyone sitting around the dinner table! Of course, we made a trip to Carl’s Ice Cream for some delicious frozen yogurt and ice cream. Yum! Thanks for visiting! Good times.

Well, winter has been sucky. And that’s all I will say on that subject because I’m a little tired of talking and thinking about it.

Lately I’ve been scanning A LOT of old family photos and I’ve made good progress. I just really like the idea of having digital copies of them. This big project has been amazing and I’ve loved doing it. I recently saw photos of my great-grandfather from 1918. Isn’t that crazy and awesome? There’s lots of photos of my dad and his family in Cuba, too. And it’s fun seeing a ton of pictures from my childhood. As great as this project has been, it’s made me pretty emotional lately. I miss my childhood, my family, and my old friendships. But, it’s hard not to smile when looking at all of these pictures; I really was a happy and extremely shy kid. I have a lot more photos to scan!

Has anyone seen commercials for this Resurrection TV show? If you are watching the Oscars right now, you have probably seen it at least 4 or 5 times. I keep having different feelings about it; it was originally a book, too. I was angry at first and couldn’t believe someone would have the guts to write a storyline like that. Then, I did try to imagine what I would do if one of my close loved ones came back one day. I honestly think I would need therapy. How could anyone handle something like that? You sort of come to terms with the fact that you won’t physically see this person again in your lifetime, but then they show up. I think it would be terrifying… but amazing. I’m curious about the show, but I don’t think I will watch it.

Have a good night, everyone! I will go back to enjoying the Oscars now.


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