Day 679: Sunrise

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 679: Sunrise

Yikes, I am extremely behind! I might have to do another photo challenge just so I update my blog more often. Sorry, folks! Hope you will still read my posts.

Here’s a sunrise photo I took from my office back in January. I liked how the sky looked; it went from red to orange very quickly! It looks like I missed capturing the red color, but that’s okay. This is still pretty cool! I get to work pretty early, so I get to see a lot of sunrises. I’m glad the days are getting longer and lighter now.

Sorry I haven’t written much. Honestly, I haven’t been very motivated to write this winter. I’ve been busy with scanning and working; January and February was cold and depressing most of the time, too! (I mean the weather; I wasn’t actually depressed.)  Yay, winter is over.

I’ll write more in a minute! I promise!


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