Day 680: Valentine’s Day Gift

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 680: Valentine's Day Gift

Scott and I had a nice Valentine’s Day celebration! I gave him these French macarons pictured above. They were delicious! Each one was a different flavor, including vanilla, coconut, chocolate, pistachio, green tea, and so on. I ordered these off of (click here for the store). I love this website! We ate macarons while in Paris, so I thought it would be nice to have them again. Scott gave me a wine glass with hearts on it to add to my awesome wine glass collection. He also got me the movie The Avengers. Yay! We also had a nice dinner at Biaggi’s; it has become a fun tradition. We dress up each year and have a nice meal. This year was really cold and icy, though! Oh well. Here’s a photo of us before heading out:

Day 680: Valentine's Day GiftFun times! I hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day, too. Have a good day!


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