Day 684: St. Patrick’s Day Parade Part 2

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 684: St. Patrick’s Day Parade Part 2

Can you tell I’m really into St. Patrick’s Day and bagpipers yet? Scott and I went to another parade; the weather was a lot warmer for this one! Here’s another photo of some bagpipers. The parade was nice; I did get hit with A LOT of candy, and the bag of peanuts that hit me hurt a bit, but I’m healed now. (I’m exaggerating about the healing). Here’s a photo of Scott, his dad, and cousin Mickey enjoying the parade:

Day 684: St. Patrick’s Day Parade Part 2Everyone is wearing green. Woo! After the parade, we invited everyone over to our house for some food, drinks, and fun. Scott’s mom made some amazing corned beef and cabbage. It was so good! I made some appetizers, too. I tried making a St. Patrick’s Day punch, but it was pretty bad. It was way too sweet; it tasted like pure sugar! Yuck. I also created a St. Patrick’s Day trivia quiz for everyone; I learned a lot about this holiday! Apparently we are celebrating St. Patrick’s death. That’s a little morbid. Anyway, here are the ladies (Scott’s mom and grandmas) concentrating on the quiz:

Day 684: St. Patrick’s Day Parade Part 2Scott’s grandpa ended up being the winner! It was a fun day. It was great being outside for a long period of time and not freezing, too.

A few more posts to come today. Hopefully you have a lot of time to read. 🙂


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