Day 685: Meeting Grant

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 685: Meeting Grant

Hello again! Sorry this photo above is a bit blurry; here’s a photo of Jenny (Scott’s friend from high school) and Grant! He was born in November; isn’t he so cute!? I love how he has a bunch of hair at the front of head; it’s adorable! It was great seeing Jenny again; we enjoyed catching up and eating some Chinese food. Of course, everyone had to hold him! Here’s a collection for you:

Day 685: Meeting GrantDay 685: Meeting GrantDay 685: Meeting GrantScott’s mom and grandma stopped by to meet Grant, too. He’s so handsome and cute! He’s such a good boy. I don’t think he cried at all while he was at our house. He really liked watching TV; he’s staring at it in the photo with Scott. Maybe that means he likes college basketball? Or maybe he’ll be a basketball player someday. I love the face he’s making in the photo with me. I hope we get to see Jenny and Grant again soon!

I have three friends who are pregnant right now; three new babies will be born this year! I can’t wait to meet all of them. I’ll have two new girls and a boy to visit at some point. Yay!


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