Day 696: Baseball Game

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 696: Baseball Game

Sorry folks; I am extremely behind. I have lots of catching up to do! Back in June, Scott and I went to one of Caden’s baseball games! (He’s our nephew, by the way). There he is playing third base. I kind of like how I got the batter in the photo. Too bad Caden blinked! He’s not sleeping, don’t worry. It was a fun game to watch; Caden got a few hits, too! All of the kids (especially Caden) are so cute. I hope to go to more games next year!

I ended up having one of those ring pops at the game and the flavor was blue raspberry. I didn’t realize it, but my lips, teeth, and tongue turned extremely blue. I didn’t notice until heading back to the car. It was a bit embarrassing! Oh well, I’ll get over it.

Lots more updating to come!


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