Day 708: Cracker Concert

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 708: Cracker Concert

It’s me again! At the end of July, Kate and Graham drove over and we all went to the Cracker concert in town! Here’s a photo of them above. It was a great concert! The four of us grabbed some dinner before heading out to listen to some awesome music. A man named Edward David Anderson opened for Cracker; he was really good! We sat in the balcony during the opening and then stood next to the stage for the main act. Here’s a dark photo of Kate, Graham, and Scott (it’s not the greatest since it’s from my phone):

Day 708: Cracker Concert

I don’t know too many songs by Cracker, but now I think they are great! Their most popular song is called Low; I actually know that one! It was cool being right next to the band. I had a great time! Now I want to go to more concerts.

I can’t believe the summer is pretty much over and it’s almost fall! Time is moving way too fast. August alone flew by. I guess time feels like it’s moving fast when you get to do a lot of fun things! This fall will definitely be busy, but amazingly fun! Yay!


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