Day 717: The Moon

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 717: The Moon

I had to devote a blog post to this photo of the moon. Isn’t it amazing? I took this during the second week of September. There were two days where I noticed the moon looked a lot closer to us than usual. So, I used lots of zoom on my camera and got this as a result. I love how you can see the craters and it’s so detailed! I’m proud of my camera.

So, why was the moon so close to us? Does anyone know? I looked it up and apparently we had a supermoon on August 10. Would that have anything to do with this? I hope someone can comment and give me more information!

There was a night in the last week where Scott and I drove home at night. We looked up and saw an insane amount of stars. I love those kind of nights; it was so clear. There’s something about the stars and the sky that amaze me. It makes me really believe there’s more to life than we realize.

Have a good night!


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