Day 718: Grandpa’s Birthday

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 718: Grandpa's Birthday

Scott, me, Gramps, and Ray. Photo courtesy of John Kacich.

Hello again! My wonderful grandfather turned 87 this month, so we definitely celebrated with him. Look at how good and happy he looks! This was just after he shared about 10 bags of cookies with us that he baked. I really like the peanut butter ones, and of course the pumpkin cookies. He is really good at cooking and baking; he likes looking up and trying new recipes, too. One of my favorite memories with him was when he bought me an ice cream maker when I was little. He came over one day to help me make the ice cream; I felt like I could make food just like him! The ice cream was pretty bad, though. We had to make the ice cream from these little flavor packets. The vanilla wasn’t so great at least. My grandpa used to take my brother and me on bike rides to TCBY, too; the ice cream was way better from there!

OK, back to his 87th birthday. My family and I took him out to Arena Sports Grille. We had appetizers, drinks, and main meals. I ate a delicious wrap. This place has many TVs for the major sports fans like my family! After dinner/lunch, we went back to my mom’s house for some cake and ice cream.

It was a nice day! I hope my grandpa had a good birthday. He is an amazing, generous, and wonderful man. I am so lucky to have him in my life. I love you, Gramps!


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