Day 721: Laura and Tyler’s Wedding

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 721: Laura and Tyler's Wedding

Laura and Tyler exchanging vows.

Yesterday I attended the lovely wedding of my friends Laura and Tyler! There they are above exchanging vows at their ceremony. They look so cute together! Their ceremony was at a beautiful Lutheran church. I really liked the readings and the sermon. Laura looked absolutely beautiful in her dress! After the ceremony, we all lined up to see them exit the church; we blew bubbles at them, too. Here’s more photos for you:

Day 721: Laura and Tyler's Wedding

My lovely friends (Anne, Jillian, Liz) and me.

Day 721: Laura and Tyler's Wedding

The happy couple!

My friends and I had a little free time between the ceremony and reception, so we hung out at the hotel. The reception was at the Hilton Garden Inn; it was a beautiful place! There were some appetizers and drinks before the reception started; I had fun mingling with everyone. Tyler’s brother then gave his best man speech while Laura’s sisters sang and danced to the song Sisters from the White Christmas movie. It was cute! Here’s a photo I got with the bride:

Day 721: Laura and Tyler's Wedding

Me and the beautiful bride!

After eating a delicious dinner full of salad, pasta, fish, veggies, and fruit, it was time to dance! I had a lot of fun on the dance floor with friends and coworkers. I was out there a lot; maybe that’s why I’m so tired today! The cake was yummy, too; I ate a piece of chocolate. We got a lot more silly photos, including this one of the boys:

Steve, Drew, and Scott!

We stayed and danced until the very end of the wedding. Afterwards, we hung out at the hotel a while longer until we got tired. What a fun night! I miss dancing; I wish I had the chance more often.

Yay for beautiful weddings and congrats to Laura and Tyler!


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