Day 724: Best/Worst of the Week

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 724: Best/Worst of the Week

Here’s our awesome lawn decoration!

What a fun and busy week! Here’s the worst and the best for you.

1. Didn’t feel so good a day this week. I think it was my asthma.
2. I forgot to take my allergy medicine one of the days, which gave me sinus trouble.
3. Hearing about the Ebola virus every day.
4. Seeing a pretty bad accident on the highway this week. Drive safe, everyone!
5. It’s getting dark earlier in the day… I’m not ready for winter!


1. Anne and Ted’s Wedding!
2. Got a lot of work and errands done this week.
3. Chicago Blackhawks started playing this week! And they won on Thursday!
4. Seeing many bunnies this week in our front yard.
5. My brother’s early birthday dinner at Benihana.

Have a good weekend!

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