Day 732: Best/Worst of the Week

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 732: Best/Worst of the Week

Gouda Mac and Cheese. Mmmmm.

Here’s the worst and the best for you! I swear I’ll update my blog soon with other things.

1. I have a cough.
2. It’s getting cold outside.
3. It’s dark at 4:30 p.m. now!
4. Patrick Sharp on the Blackhawks got hurt!
5. I’m getting Jamberry Nail Party invites almost every week.

1. I went to happy hour with friends.
2. I went out with the ladies to Tony Roma’s restaurant.
3. Scott’s grandpa’s turned 85 this week!
4. I read this article about Tom Hiddleston (I love him):
5. I get to see Sydney in a play this weekend!

Have a good weekend!


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