Day 737: Interstellar

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 737: Interstellar

Ready to read my review?

I recently saw the movie Interstellar starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway. The previews already make it out to be this epic, amazing movie. First, I’ll give you an overview. I’m not exactly sure what year it is, but it’s definitely sometime in the future. The earth is going through a big drought and you soon find out the humans will not be able to survive on earth in the future. So, a group of explorers, including Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, travel through outer space to find a new planet where humans could eventually live. There are three possibilities that they know of, so the plan is to check out all three places.

They go extremely far away from earth, the farthest anyone has gone in human history. Time becomes an issue as the travel farther away; it takes two years to get to the first place and time just moves faster and faster. Matthew McConaughey (Cooper) has two kids at home and you occasionally see them growing older into adulthood. Cooper basically has to decide between seeing his children again and saving the future of the human race. So, there’s a synopsis for you.

I liked the overall plot of the movie; I was interested and excited to see the different planets. I think I was annoyed at the fact that some parts were believable while others definitely were not. There was a part when Cooper is stuck flying through space; that terrified me a bit. I won’t explain it, but the part right after this was unbelievable. I kind of wanted to shout, “Oh, come on!” But that would have been weird.

I was also very sad when seeing Cooper’s relationship with his daughter. Before he leaves, she gets really upset and angry at him. They both feel guilty later about leaving on bad terms. You see her go through most of her life wondering if her dad was alive or dead, and if he really loved her. At the end, Cooper is able to see his daughter one last time; she’s a very old lady about to die at this point. I had a very hard time watching that and it made me slightly angry. I’m glad she got to see him one last time before dying, but she wanted to see him and wondered about him most of her life. That was just way too sad to see. I cried a bit.

Anyway, this review is sort of weird, but so was the movie. I’m not sure what else to say about it!

Overall rating: C+


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